10 Feb

[NEW FOR ANDROID] Bakery Story: Springtime


Time to hang up those heavy coats! Winter is coming to an end and Spring is fast approaching. The flowers are getting ready to show off their beautiful colors again. Now that it’s getting warmer, everyone who has been staying in and avoiding the cold will come out to enjoy the gorgeous weather! Looks like your Bakery is about to get spring up with more business! Time to redecorate for the bright new season!

  • DESIGN your Bakery that gives a warm welcome to all of your customers!
  • DECORATE with thousands of floral items, perfect for Spring!
  • CUSTOMIZE an afternoon tea time menu!
  • NEW DECORATIONS! Porcelain Tea Set, Tea Time Display, Teapot Fountain, and more! 

Download and play Bakery Story: Springtime from Google Play!

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7 Feb

[NEW FOR iOS] Dragon Story: Valentine’s Day!


It’s almost Valentine’s Day on the Isles, and love is in the air! Enjoy the romantic atmosphere as you hatch, raise, and breed VALENTINE’S-themed dragons on magical islands! Raise your dragons from babies to epic adults under the alluring arcs of a double rainbow!

  • CHARMING NEW DRAGONS! Teddy Dragon, Valentine Dragon, Bride Dragon, and Jewelry Dragon!
  • STUNNING SCENERY! Lush green grass, flowers, and holiday-themed trees set the mood!
  • WHIMSICAL NEW GOALS! Costumed characters spin fanciful new tales!
  • COLLECT special Valentine’s-themed items to turn in for two new Summoning Dragons!

Download Dragon Story: Valentine’s Day from the App Store!

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5 Feb

[NEW FOR iOS] Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and hearts will be stolen. Do you have what it takes to crack the case? Step into the shoes of a private detective and solve a brand new case with an exclusive Valentine’s Day theme! Hunt down clues and expose the hidden motives of criminals the cops can’t catch.

  • FIND hidden objects and evidence in an exclusive case full of love and betrayal!
  • EXPLORE a variety of locations, like a Romantic Park!
  • ENHANCE your case by hacking computers, dusting for prints, and re-assembling documents! 
  • UNRAVEL the mystery with friendly experts like forensic investigators and hackers!
  • INTERROGATE suspicious characters in beautiful hand-drawn cutscenes!
  • SOLVE murders, thefts, and other crimes to bring love-induced criminals to justice!

Download Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes Valentine’s from the App Store!

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3 Feb

[NEW FOR ANDROID] Fashion Story: Valentine’s Day


Struck by Cupid’s arrow and need something cute to wear? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with exclusive Valentine’s Day content. Strike a pose with these sweet trends for your lovely Boutique!

  • PERSONALIZE and accessorize your own character! Choose makeup, hairstyles, and stylish clothes to impress your valentine!
  • TRENDSET by unlocking designer clothes lines and flashy accessories that customers will LOVE!
  • DESIGN your dream boutique! Showcase your style and creativity with seasonal wallpaper, decorations, and art!
  • COLLECT the wardrobe of your dreams! Stock your closet and create gorgeous pink and red outfits!
  • SOCIALIZE with sister boutiques, and collect bonuses from other fashionistas!

Download and play Fashion Story: Valentine’s Day from Google Play!

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30 Jan

[NEW FOR iOS] Farm Story 2: Valentines


The Farm is the perfect place to watch your love grow. With the subtle sounds of birds chirping and animals frolicking, love is surely in the air. Grow luscious crops and craft your valentine a lovely surprise. Who will be your special someone this year? Better start preparing now, there’s only a few more weeks until Valentine’s Day!

  • EXPLORE a new and delightfully dreamy world all spruced up in time for Valentine’s Day!
  • DECORATE your farm with animated and interactive Valentine’s decorations!
  • COLLECT a barnyard full of lovable farm animals all dressed up for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!
  • EXPAND your farmhouse family with adorable limited edition pets, like the Valentine Kitten!
  • HARVEST fields of colorful crops and find fresh ingredients to use in tasty recipes!
  • CRAFT delicious meals in your Kitchen, snacks with your Deep Fryer, or enticing Valentine’s morsels!

Download and play Farm Story 2: Valentines from the App Store!

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