15 Mar

Summer Concept Contest!


In our previous concept contests, we’ve received a lot of talented ideas for concepts. Keep them coming! Create a concept for your favorite TeamLava games and have a chance to see your dream item in game!

We want to know what items you’d like to see for summer! Summer is a time for barbeques on the grill, splashing around at the pool, playing matches of volleyball, and making sandcastles. 

The development process does take some time to complete, but we will aim for a turnaround of about two to three months. Show us your creative ideas for the months of June and July!

Additionally, we would like to emphasize that we are looking for great concepts. Even if your artistic skills are not perfect, include a very detailed description of what you are submitting and it may still be selected.

We’re still working on concepts we received from the previous Concept Contests and hope to have those in the game soon!

Visit our forums for more information and instructions on how to participate!

14 Mar

Dragon Celebration - Dark Angel Dragon!


A shadow of the night looms with massive wings, completely stealth except for the rare glimmer of the moon reflecting off of its jewel encrusted chest. When the creature swoops down into the light, a halo can be seen upon its head. Don’t let this Dragon’s appearance confuse you. Despite their melancholy demeanor, Dark Angel Dragons guard from above and are a wonderful addition to any Island. 

Help us fill Dragon Story with Dark Angel Dragons to celebrate their arrival! For more information and for instructions on how to enter, visit our TeamLava Forums

We’d love to hear your feedback! Visit our Facebook page and let us know how much you’re enjoying the new contest!

12 Mar

Leaping Leprechaun Limerick Contest!


Aside from the Caption and Drawing contest, there are other ways to be expressive! We at TeamLava have a poetic and imaginative side as well, with words! Do you think you can come up with the most funny and creative limerick, while also referencing at least one of your favorite TeamLava games? Try your hand at our Leaping Leprechaun Limerick Contest for a chance to win FREE Gems or Gold in the game of your choice!

Visit the Events and Contests forums for information on how to enter or to leave feedback!

11 Mar

New Content: March 11 - 14, 2013

Don’t wait until for the Spring to start cleaning up a bit. Get an early start so you can make room for these brand new items. Check out all of the great content springing up in your favorite TeamLava games!

Note: We want to give everyone an early sneak peek of the new items, but it is possible that changes may be made to the game content listed here. We may add, remove, or change some of the items listed throughout the week.

New Content on March 11, 2013:


They say never tickle a sleeping Dragon. In this case you should heed this warning - you might end up poking it in the eye! This Dragon’s shape-shifting form remains a mystery and only shows its true form to loving Caretakers. Welcome the new Illusion Dragon to Dragon Story and uncover the mystery for yourself!

Want to see what else we have in store for you? Read about the rest of the new content this week after the jump!

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Dragon Celebration: Illusion Dragon!


Now you see it, now you don’t! Be careful if you try to sneak up on this little one. It’ll always have one of its “eyes” on you.  With the majestic colors of a peacock and the playful energy of a puppy, it is sure to delight your audience. Put it up on stage and have it perform a few tricks for your other Dragons. Breed or buy the Illusion Dragons to guarantee a front row seat to his show in Dragon Story!

Visit the TeamLava forums for information and instructions on how to enter!