9 Apr

Now Introducing Fruit Mania!


Fruit Mania is available to download from the App Store!

Fruit Mania is the latest game from TeamLava, the Storm8 brand behind hit apps Bubble Mania and Jewel Mania. Following the exotic travels of protagonist Harrison the mouse, the game debuts two new modes! Color Mode lets players focus on matching a particular type of fruit, while Digging Mode challenges players to navigate through the puzzle and unlock hidden charms.

VentureBeat notes “it is completely homegrown and aimed at getting casual players to engage with it in a deep way. Inside Network says “Fruit Mania also remains fresh for players by adding new obstacles to each level.”

Continue reading to learn more about the exciting features and see screenshots for Fruit Mania!

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8 Apr

New Content: April 9 - 11, 2013

Spring is in full swing! It’s a great time to start anew with a wide variety of new items coming to your favorite TeamLava games. Don’t miss out on what we have in store for you this week!

Note: We want to give everyone an early sneak peek of the new items, but it is possible that changes may be made to the game content listed here. We may add, remove, or change some of the items listed throughout the week.

New Content on April 9, 2013:


Every farmer spends most of the day checking on crops and tending the barn animals. Make your expansive fields feel a bit smaller with the new ATV in Farm Story! Besides, those gnomes need something to keep them occupied while you do the chores.

Check out these other items to keep your gnomes entertained:

  • Aussie Scarecrow
  • Aussie Silo
  • Sydney Barn

Read more about this week’s updates below!

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2 Apr

Dragon Egg Hunt!


The Mother Caretaker recently took a stroll to the local Bakery. While inside, she misplaced some of her Dragon Eggs! This is no place for a bunch of missing Dragon Eggs. You never know what the baker might end up putting into these delectable goodies!

Visit our Events and Contest forums to help Mother Caretaker find all of the Dragon Eggs for a chance to win Gems or Gold in the game of your choice! 

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1 Apr

New Content: April 2 - April 4, 2013

Spring has arrived! The flowers are blooming, the butterflies are emerging, and the weather is getting warmer. The best part? Our flowers won’t make you sneeze! Enjoy these Spring updates in your favorite TeamLava games!

Note: We want to give everyone an early sneak peek of the new items, but it is possible that changes may be made to the game content listed here. We may add, remove, or change some of the items listed throughout the week.

New Content on April 2, 2013:


This Dragon carries the weight of a small world on his shoulders. He watches after the world carefully and will do the same for your Island. Keep a steady hold on your Island with the Atlas Dragon in Dragon Story!

Spring is the time for new things, so read on for more about all the great new content coming this week!


Your neighbor’s hearts will flutter at the sight of this new decoration! See Spring come to life with the Butterfly Dome in Farm Story!

Enjoy these other fair weather themed items:

  • Nectarine Tree
  • Teacup Pig
  • Flower Fountain


Add a little class to your Boutique this week. Your dress is sure to impress all of your neighbors. Check out the new Victorian Ball catalog available this week in Fashion Story!

Be sure you don’t miss out on these other upscale updates:

  • Victorian Telephone
  • Teacup Dressing Room
  • Victorian Hats
  • Victorian Vase


This striped pet has the cutest ears and is the purrrfect companion for any store. Curl up with a book and the new Foldex in Pet Shop Story Story

Don’t forget to cuddle with these adorable new additions:

  • Bolognese
  • Zebra Discus

New Content on April 3, 2013:


Add a little chocolate to your collection of goodies. With the weather starting to warm up, your customers will love to take a ride down the new Chocolate Waterslide in Bakery Story!

Don’t miss out on these other sugary additions this week:

  • SweetCo Table
  • SweetCo Chair
  • SweetCo Cupcake Tree
  • SweetCo Frosting Waterfall


Spring has sprung and the Easter bunny has hopped on through. It’s time to head outside and enjoy the coming sunshine. Pick up the new Garden Archway in Restaurant Story!

Help the rest of these updates bloom this week:

  • Spring Vine Wallpaper
  • Spring Meadow Floor Tiles
  • Spring Bloom Chair
  • Spring Bloom Table

New Content on April 4, 2013:


With spring in full swing, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Lose the drab colors of winter and redecorate with the bright colors of the season. Put your rain boots to good use and get the new April Showers to show off to your neighbors in Home Design Story!

Don’t miss out on these other spring-errific décor items for your Home:

  • Spring Couch
  • Bunny Chair
  • Spring Bunnies
  • Spring Shelf

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29 Mar

Mythic Dragons have arrived!

For centuries, these creatures were only known from mythology passed down from Caretaker to Caretaker through the ages. Those who have claimed to lay eyes upon them were often dismissed as outcasts for telling tall tales. Those who believed were eventually rewarded by the presence of these legendary beasts and they realized, they weren’t beasts at all. They were Dragons!

'Mythic' is a new base color of Dragon and is now available on iOS and Android!

The base Dragon for this color is the Mythic Dragon. Mythic Dragons are mysterious and, like the minotaur of legend, can quickly change from delighted to enraged in a mere moment. Mythic Dragons aren’t angry Dragons in general, but one should be cautious not to wear any red in front of it.

Quick! Shield your eyes! The Medusa Dragon has wriggling snakes that appear like wavy locks of hair. Looking into their eyes has stunned many Caretakers. The Medusa Dragon, while fierce, is an excellent Dragon for turning all of your foes into glorified garden decorations. Just take care not to become one yourself!

These mythical dragons will need a cozy place to stay! They’ll enjoy the new Mythic Maze habitat’s solid columns and lush greenery. Don’t forget to add a bit of flare get the new Mythic Banner so you can let everyone know (or warn them!) of your legendary new Dragons!

Need a little incentive to get the two new Dragons? Be sure to check your Scroll to see two new Goals to complete: Myth of Mystery and Stone Cold! These Goals will reward you with some much needed Coins and Experience in your journey to become the ultimate Caretaker.

Prepare your Island to be legend - wait for it - dary. You can breed or buy these new ‘Mythic’ Dragons by downloading the game from the links below:

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