19 Mar

Pet Shop Story: Easter Edition


Are you egg-cited for Easter? Don’t let these spring time surprises hop away from you. Check out the newest version of Pet Shop Story, with 2013 Easter themed animals, decorations, and fantastic festive storylines!

  • NEW PETS! Egg Dogs, Springy Chicks and many more are ready for Easter
  • NEW DECORATIONS! Egg Baskets, Bouquet Wagons and more!
  • NEW QUESTS! Experience Easter to earn your own adorable Butterfly Cat!
  • SOCIALIZE with other Pet Shop owners, and their pets!
  • INVITE your Facebook and Storm8 friends to set up shop, right next door!
  • ENJOY stunning graphics, art, and animation!

Download and play Pet Shop Story: Easter Edition from Google Play!

Join the Easter Bunny and paint the town (and a few eggs, too)! Share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of us on our Facebook page!

18 Mar

New Content: March 19 - 21, 2013

Spring is almost here, so you better start beautifying your games to match the glorious weather outside. Check out all of the great content popping into your favorite TeamLava games!

Note: We want to give everyone an early sneak peek of the new items, but it is possible that changes may be made to the game content listed here. We may add, remove, or change some of the items listed throughout the week.

New Content on March 19, 2013:


Even though St. Patrick’s Day is over, do you still think you have what it takes to get lucky? Try your hand with the new Spring Bounty Chest to see what special surprises will spring up in Farm Story!

Can’t wait to see what’s inside? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Bunny Cart
  • Spring Cottage
  • Spring Topiary
  • Egg Hunt

Read more about the rest of this week’s updates after the jump!

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100th Dragon Celebration - Moon Dragon!


The Moon Dragon is Dragon Story’s 100th Dragon! To celebrate, we’ve increased the number of winners for the contest to 100 winners!

When the Second Sun has set, this creature’s pale glow is often mistaken for the moon itself. Caretakers are lured by its gravitas in the sky. Its exceptionally strong wings make it able to fly at high altitudes. Careful, should you decide to see just how high the Moon Dragon can go! While Dragons may fare well in thinner atmospheres, Caretakers may find themselves short of air. Moon Dragons are delightful guardians of the sky and can keep an eye on distant incoming intruders.

Help us fill Dragon Story with Moon Dragons for a chance to win an out of this world pile of Gold!

Visit our forums for more information on how to enter! 

With 100 Dragons now in Dragon Story, you must have a favorite. Is it the new Moon Dragon? Let us know on our Facebook page

15 Mar

Summer Concept Contest!


In our previous concept contests, we’ve received a lot of talented ideas for concepts. Keep them coming! Create a concept for your favorite TeamLava games and have a chance to see your dream item in game!

We want to know what items you’d like to see for summer! Summer is a time for barbeques on the grill, splashing around at the pool, playing matches of volleyball, and making sandcastles. 

The development process does take some time to complete, but we will aim for a turnaround of about two to three months. Show us your creative ideas for the months of June and July!

Additionally, we would like to emphasize that we are looking for great concepts. Even if your artistic skills are not perfect, include a very detailed description of what you are submitting and it may still be selected.

We’re still working on concepts we received from the previous Concept Contests and hope to have those in the game soon!

Visit our forums for more information and instructions on how to participate!

14 Mar

Dragon Celebration - Dark Angel Dragon!


A shadow of the night looms with massive wings, completely stealth except for the rare glimmer of the moon reflecting off of its jewel encrusted chest. When the creature swoops down into the light, a halo can be seen upon its head. Don’t let this Dragon’s appearance confuse you. Despite their melancholy demeanor, Dark Angel Dragons guard from above and are a wonderful addition to any Island. 

Help us fill Dragon Story with Dark Angel Dragons to celebrate their arrival! For more information and for instructions on how to enter, visit our TeamLava Forums

We’d love to hear your feedback! Visit our Facebook page and let us know how much you’re enjoying the new contest!