15 May

Identify the Recipe Contest

If you would like a chance to win Gems, City Cash, or Club Cash, then this week’s event is for you! Do you think you are a better cook than this guy?

Hopefully you’ve never had smoke come out of your ears while cooking (or ever), and you answered yes.

TeamLava has been baking recipes since 2010 so we figured it was time to check our community’s knowledge of food in our games. We have selected one recipe from our Bakery Story and provided hints of the ingredients needed to cook the item. Your job is to guess which item we are giving hints to. To enter this week’s contest, please visit our forums by clicking HERE.

Also, be sure to check out our winners from our previous Story Telling Contest.

Congratulations to:






14 May

Anonymous said: how can i play farm story from my phone to my computer?

Unfortunately, there’s no current way to play Farm Story from computer. Farm Story is available for iOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices only. Though if that ever changes, we’ll be sure to announce it here!

Anonymous said: Do tips stay on tables in bakery story for ever?

They do until the Bakery owner collects them. :)

Anonymous said: For those of us who have just discovered Bakery Story and would Love a water garden - do you have any plans to offer it again?

Sometimes, our Limited Time Items will return in special promotional sales. If you really want an item to come back, make sure to let us know in the Forums! The more requests we get for an item, the better chance it has of coming back. :)

11 May

Feedback Friday!

Today is Feedback Friday! This is the last call for feedback and suggestions before we organize and discuss them over with the team so they know what the players want.

Last time we asked the community for theme ideas, you guys and girls provided us with tons of awesome ideas. The team was very impressed with the ideas you thought of. Since the community knows no limit of creativity, what other theme ideas would you like to see in your favorite TeamLava games?

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