18 Jun

Anonymous said: where can I find Storm ID # for friends

To protect our players’ privacy, there isn’t a way to get a Storm8 ID from another player unless they give it out. However, most everyone is always looking for more neighbors, so don’t be afraid to ask!

You can also connect to our games via Facebook to see which of your friends are playing! Once you and your friends connect, you’ll be able to add them as Neighbors, and you’ll see their Facebook Profile Pic as their Avatar in their games!

15 Jun

Feedback Friday - Suggestions for Late Summer/Early Fall Content!

Today is Feedback Friday! We previously asked the community to share their ideas for new content and items they would like to see during Summer. Now that Summer is here, the upcoming items are currently in development or waiting to be released.

The community shared so many awesome and creative ideas last time. We would love for you to continue sharing your ideas and suggestions with us. This time, let us know what kind of items you would like to see in your favorite TeamLava games around the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall!

We can’t wait to hear what kind of items suggest and are looking forward to. You can share your ideas with the community by visiting the TeamLava forums or leaving a comment on the Facebook page of your favorite game!

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Experience the Puppy Fever & Candy Collections with Google Play!

For one week, get the Puppy Fever Collection in Pet Shop Story and Candy Collection in Bakery Story for FREE with Google Play! Here is your chance to obtain free items, plus an exclusive decoration from Google Play by playing Pet Shop Story and Bakery Story, your favorite TeamLava games, all week long!

Download and play Pet Shop Story and Bakery Story from the Google Play Store and you’ll receive a free item each day. Play EVERY DAY and you’ll unlock the exclusive “Robot Puppy” in Pet Shop Story and “Candy Robot” in Bakery Story from Google Play for FREE!

Click here to get started on the Puppy Fever Collection!

Play Pet Shop Story from Google Play and receive the following Puppy Fever Collection items:

  • Day 1 - Cutest Dog Trophy
  • Day 2 - Dog Show Ramp
  • Day 3 - Dog Whistle Stand
  • Day 4 - Canned Pet Food Shelf
  • Day 5 - Puppy Kissing Booth
  • Day 6 - Dog Bed
  • Day 7 - Dog House Display
  • Play all 7 days - Exclusive “Robot Puppy” from Google Play

Click here to get started on the Candy Collection!

Play Bakery Story from Google Play and receive the following Candy Collection items:

  • Day 1 - Candy Mushroom
  • Day 2 - Cotton Candy Machine
  • Day 3 - Candy Bowl
  • Day 4 - Candy Carousel
  • Day 5 - Giant Gummi Bear
  • Day 6 - Giant Lollipops
  • Day 7 - Gumdrop Tree
  • Play all 7 days - Exclusive “Candy Robot” from Google Play

You can also receive more free items from Google Play by experiencing the Victory Collection in World War! Click here for more information on how to receive another special Google Play item!

14 Jun

Weekly Content Update Recap - 6/14/12

It’s Thursday!! This means new content has been released for your gaming pleasure. What do we have this week for you to drool at? Let’s find out.

You’re in for a bit of trouble in Pet Shop Story! Three new pups are chaotically scurrying their paws into your pet shop as you’re reading this. Which one will puppy roll their way into your hearts first? Will it be the Bichon Frise, Pomapoo, or Shar Pei? It doesn’t really matter because you will fall in love with all 3 new dog breeds!

How many animals do you currently have in Zoo Story 2? Take that number and add three to it, because the new Sea Turtle crossbreed, Appaloosa, and Arabian Oryx are new must-have zoo animals! They are new for this week, so be the first to display their exhibits in your zoo!

Plain normal animals just not satisfying your thirst for excitement and adventure? Then you must be playing Dragon Story and working on collecting wonderful and magical dragons. You better add Forestfire and Mistmoth to the list, because they are the new dragons being released this week!

City Story is getting lots of new items that will definitely add some culture to your city. Build the Cinema Museum to give your citizens a classical understanding of all things celluloid. Add the Sci Fi Museum for some geek appeal. The Academic Center focus on education, but you can also check out the Outdoor Pavilion for a taste of the arts. Two new houses are also available: the Deconstructivist House and the Dancing House.

The weather is absolutely perfect for a nice relaxing trip to the sandy beach. There’s no need to go anywhere, because the beach is coming to you in Farm Story! Decorate your farm with the Beach Volleyball set or the Sail Boat. They are nice decorations to look at, but it’s no fun if no one gets to enjoy it. The Summer Tabby and new Surfer Gnomes will definitely appreciate the chance to play around in the sand! After you’re all tired out from all of the fun in the sun, it’s back to tending the farm with the new Orange Carnations and Boysenberries.

Create the perfect Hawaiian vacation in your Restaurant with the new items you’ll find this week! New Palapa Tables and Chairs, Pool Tiles, and Tiki Counters will help you create the tropical setting you’re looking for. Your customers will appreciate the effort when they’re stuffing their faces with the new recipes you cooked from the Tiki Oven, such as Roasted King Fish, Pan Roasted Lamb, and BBQ Pork. When you lick the plates clean and there’s nothing left to eat, you probably won’t be able to move around much. It’s a good thing you planned ahead and bought some Recliners for your customers to sit back and relax after a good hearty meal!

Get ready to let your customers enjoy a splash of the tropics in Bakery Story! Your customers are definitely going to line up for the new tasty treats from your Frozen Drink Machine. You can expect all of your customers to experience brain freezes, because they’ll be gulping down the new Strawberry Splash, Pineapple Paradise, and Ocean Blast way too fast. Those headaches are going to hurt, so let them sit down at your new Pineapple Tables and Chairs. Add some Ocean wallpaper and Beach tiles and you basically have the real deal in your bakery. Dabble a few decorations here and there, such as a Hanging Starfish, Starfish Divider, and Penguin Lifeguard, and you’ve got yourself the perfect getaway!

Nightclub Story has many new items that will keep the party going all day long. The Red Table and Modern Leather Chair will add a stylish, yet classy appeal, while the Flamingo Lamp and the Neon Dance Sign keep things fun and light. Remember to keep your party guests hydrated! There is no better way to do that than with the new Mandarin Fizz drink which you can serve on the Pink Dice Counters!

If you’re heading for the beach, you need to dress appropriately. Good thing there’s a new catalog this week in Fashion Story, the Ocean Jewel! All of the catalog items will be available for your avatar, so definitely check out the Teal Dress, Gem Shoes, Woven Tote, and Teal Bracelet! If you want to let your customers have a crack at the latest offerings, be sure to display them on the new Plumeria Racks and Teal Counters. Your customers will want to make sure the clothes fit, so you’ll want to give them a few Palm Dressing Rooms. Have your boutique stand out from all the rest with Beach House floor tiles, Tropical Leaf wallpaper, and the new Flower Display!

13 Jun

Wednesday Friends Day!

Today is Wednesday Friends Day! Need more gifts and parts to complete that item you have been constructing? Invite new friends to help you out and speed things up! Just stop by the Facebook page of your favorite game, leave a comment with your Storm8 ID, and watch those friend invites coming pouring in!

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