12 Jun

Summer Hide & Seek Contest Week 2

Summer is officially here! So grab your swim suits, towels, and flip flops and lets head down to the beach to build some sand castles… err, sand cars…  


For now, lets just stick to this week’s Hide & Seek contest. This time, bring your magnifying glass along. To enter, visit our Events and Contest section of our forums HERE. This Contest will run through the entire month of June and starts at 3:00 PM PDT today for your chance to win Gems, Club Cash, City Cash, or Gold!.

If you would like some advise or talk to the winners from last week’s contest, then check it out HERE.

Last week’s contest: find the Spring Gnome, which was hiding in M-4!



Anonymous said: How do you start a new game on Restaurant Story/Bakery Story?

Unfortunately, there’s not a reset function on our games at this time. However, if you find yourself running out of Coins, you can always Sell unneeded decorations, or keep logging into the game every day to receive your Daily Bonus!

8 Jun

Feedback Friday - Share Your Suggestions!

Today is Feedback Friday! We have released so many Story games for TeamLava and we are thrilled to see our players enjoying the games as much as we enjoy developing them. There are many different Story themes, so there’s definitely a TeamLava game out there for everyone. Check out the latest TeamLava games, Dragon Story and Pet Hotel Story, they are so much fun to play!

Do you have a favorite theme you would absolutely love to see turned into a TeamLava game? Do you think your idea would make an awesome Story game? Share your ideas for the next hit theme with the community in the TeamLava forums!

7 Jun

Weekly Content Update Recap - 6/7/12

Welcome back to another week of new content brought to you by your good friends at TeamLava. 

This week, we start with Dragon Story. New offerings this week include the Titan Dragon and the Wizard Dragon to give your game some medieval epicness.

Those are not the only animals that we have in store for you. In Zoo Story 2, you can expect the Great Blue Heron and Butterflyfish to make an appearance. But if you want to want something more unique, crossbreed the new Aardwolf! Also, add some extra beauty to your zoo with the Beautiful Earth decoration.

The barrage of new animals doesn’t stop there. Pet Shop Story also has new animals for your gaming pleasure. The Boxer and the Bogle play the parts of man’s best friends which you can train with the new Dog Snack Machine. We also offer the new Okopipi Frog which is adorable as long as you don’t get too close.

City Story is going green this week with a variety of new decorations! Plant the new Birch, Oak, and Sequoia Trees to give your citizens some shade to escape this warm weather. Add some Shrubs and Tall Grass along with the new Earth House to add some extra green.

Nightclub Story is staying in Sin City this week, but we are still bringing you new items for your party. Serve your guests the new Raspberry Moon while they listen to the DJ as he rocks out on the Sin City Rig. Give your nightclub an artsy touch with the new Sphere Fountain or keep it low key with the stylish Neon Column.

Farm Story jumps into Summer with a new collection of items that will remind you more of sunny shores than farm chores. If the farm life is for you, add the Guava Tree or plant the new Bellflower and Radicchio. If you prefer a nice relaxing day at the beach, make the Beach Hut, Beach Shack, Palm Tree, and Ice Cream Bars a part of your farm. Want the best of two worlds? Then the Summer Sheep is just the thing for you!

You can expect a lot of sunshine in Fashion Story this week. Decorate your avatar and your customers with the new catalog, such as the Floral Dress, Summer Tote and Hat, and the new Starfish Shoes. But we have more than just clothes. Turn your boutique into a beachside paradise with the Palapa Room and Beach Ottoman. Let your customers know where to find the new summer items with the new Beach Sign. Complete the look with the Pink Surfboard and the new Palm Counters.

Restaurant Story continues to make a splash with the new Resort Table and Chair, which complements the new Resort Host Table. Use the new Glass Counter to show off the new dishes, such as the Jerk Chicken, Steak Tartine, and Miso Harissa Squash. Take your restaurant to the next level with the Poolside floor tile, Tropical Hammock, and Beach Parasol. You have everything covered, except the walls. Add some Sea Art to complete your perfect summer diner!

Can you take a bakery to the beach? The answer is YES! We are taking Bakery Story all the way to Hawaii! Add some Tiki Tables and Chairs for your guests to sit on while they munch on the new Beach Cupcakes and Coconut Cream Pies. Use the Hawaiian Greeter, Tiki Counter, and Jellyfish Lamp to add some extra island flavor. Does it feel like your bakery is still missing something? Add some Potted Palm Trees and the adorable Turtle Vacationer!

That’s all for this week. TeamLava will be back next week with awesome new stuff for you. Enjoy!

6 Jun

Bakery Story - Unlock the Classic Bread Oven!

Are you playing Bakery Story on iOS and having trouble unlocking the Classic Bread Oven? The Classic Bread Oven is unlocked by completing a series of Goals. There are 23 Goals in total and many of the tasks are very easy to complete. You definitely want to unlock the oven so you can master 4 new recipes: 

  • Hot Cross Buns
  • French Bread
  • Stone Ground Miche
  • L’amour Special

Check after the jump for a complete list of the Goals you need to complete to unlock the Classic Bread Oven!

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