24 May

Weekly Content Update Recap - 5/24/12

Welcome back to another week of new TeamLava items for your gaming pleasure. Our trip around the world continues so let’s see what you items you can expect to find in your favorite games!

Dragon Story offers the Genie Dragon, Coral Dragon, and Poison Dragon for extra doses of exoticness, cuteness, or danger (depending on your mood, of course)! 

In Zoo Story 2, add the rare Caracal for a touch of the Asian plains or crossbreed some new additions such as the Meermoose, Rattlemonkey, or Tigroceros. Also available is the Scarlet Peacock for some extra color (a LOT of extra colors). 

This week in Pet Shop Story, we are turning Paris from the City of Love to the City of Pets! The French Spaniel and the French Brittany are classical Parisian Pets, but you can shake things up by crossbreeding the new French Bull Tzu or the French Bullhuahua. You can also use the French Beret, Eiffel Tower, and the French Flag to construct the new Chartreux and Les Chats Noirs Pets. 

You can also give your Pets a true Parisian feel with the new Paris Habitat. Add more decorations to your shop with the new French Lilac and the Eiffel Tower Lamp. 

For our Farm Story fans, the new Mediterranean Chest doles out a variety of goodies to decorate and improve your farm. Use items such as the Moroccan Lion Statue, Treasure Chest, Gazelle, or Cheetah Club to give your Farm a touch of adventure or keep it simple with the new Exotic Vase, Fish Stand, or Rocking Chair. Get the new Mediterranean Barn for a new and unique decoration. 

Add even more excitement to your farm by planting the new Marjoram crops or decorate your Farm with the Pistachio Tree, Aquaculture Pond, or the new Sand Cat.

Restaurant Story is back with a Fusion theme starting with the Asian Fusion Box and assorted mystery items. For the animal oriented among you, use the Stout Puppy Statue, Paper Crane Tree, Plump Kitty Statue, or Panda Fountain to show your love of all things critter. You can also use the Terracotta Soldiers, Asian Money Tree, or Noodle Show for a touch of the Far East. 

We have plenty of bamboo items for almost everything in your restaurant to create an adventurous atmosphere. Have your guests sit on the Bamboo Chair next to the Bamboo Table while surrounded by the new Bamboo Wallpaper! And what new dish will they be enjoying? No, it’s not bamboo. It is the new Curry Pommes Frites which will have them leaving happy and full!

For those of you who want to hang out in the good ol’ US of A, start your travels in Miami as Nightclub Story keeps bringing nightlife to your mobile device. This week, give your partygoers the new Warm and Fuzzy drink to keep the night rowdy and decorate your Nightclub with items you can find in the new Miami Nights Box. Set the mood with the Blue Glow Pillar, Green Light Bubble, or Miami Night Rig, but make the party bigger with the Lighted Speakers and the Lighted Palm Tree. For those who want to go all out, add the Photoshop, Sports Car, Pool, and the awesome South Beach Lounge!

Bakery Story stays in NYC this week and brings you the Big City Box. Add a NY Coffee Grinder, Empire State and Chrysler Lamps, or the Grand Central Clock to give your bakery a touch of New York. Also, the Cafe Couch, Flatiron Bookshelf, and NYC Cake add a nice touch. IF you plan on going bigger than a Time’s Square New Years, we offer the Big Apple Statue and Lady Liberty herself… the Statue of Liberty!

We at TeamLava thought that all of those items just were not enough for our players, so we decided to add even more items. As you are designing your own Bakery, we have some new food offerings for your customers. Serve up the new NY Bagels, Empire State Cookies, Taxi Cookies, and Liberty Cookies to keep your customers happy. We also offer more decorations for whatever big city feel you wish. Add the feel of a Manhattan boardroom with the Executive Table, Classic Black Lamp, and Executive Chair. You can create your own Bronx restaurant with the Patterned Tile, Light Wood Counter, and Big Apple Oven (our newest appliance which uses the new Heating Coil Part). Add some Subway Tiles as well for a more underground flair.

Fashion Story joins the fun with its own NYC themed content for you to enjoy. Use the SoHo Chair, Brooklyn Flowers, and the Central Park Display for an easygoing New York Weekend or show why it’s called the Empire State with Lady Liberty, the Crystal Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Lamp. Also available is the Prometheus Display for some fine art and the Subway Jewelry Display for style points. But if you would rather decorate your Closet, we bring you the Times Square Top.

There are also other items for your Boutique. Use the Modern Rack, the Tribeca Mirror, the Diamond Print Dressing Room, and the Lined Carpet for a sophisticated and stylish look to your Boutique and use the Lounge Chair, Money Tree, and Designer Poster for added flavor.

Lastly, City Story heads due west to America’s favorite playground … Las Vegas! You will want to get the Vegas Crate, you might need Lady Luck on your side to get some amazing items. Add such famous landmarks as the “Famous City” Sign, Sky Tower, and the Pyramid Casino, but other Las Vegas favorites such as the Grand Hotel and Vegas Fountain are also available. Complete your very own Las Vegas Strip with the Vegas Hotel, City Center, and Casino. Give your citizens somewhere to watch it from with the new Neon Air Balloon!

That’s all for this week, but come back next week to see more amazing content in your favorite games!

Pet Shop Story - In Real Life!

If you have been playing Pet Shop Story, then you already know there are tons of cute and unique pets that you can play with. If you haven’t, then you are definitely missing out on this exciting game. It is free to play and available for iOS in the App Store, Android in the Google Play Store, and for the Kindle Fire in the Amazon Appstore for Android!

We at TeamLava love playing Pet Shop Story because we get to see and play with our own pets in-game, all day! Take a look at several of our adorable pets and their in-game counterparts in the image above! 

Do you have a special pet that you love to see in Pet Shop Story? Let us know about your  pet in the Pet Shop Story feedback forums!

22 May

Create an Item for Restaurant and Bakery Story!

It is not very often that you get to create something for a game you love playing. Instead of asking for feedback for items you would like, we are asking you the community to create items you want to see in game. The winning design for both Bakery and Restaurant will be created and put in game. 

The winners will win 100 Gems + the item they created when it is released. This contest will be running until May 31st. You can find it and more information on rules in the Events and Contest section of our forums HERE.

Also check out the winners from our last two contests:

These players won the Create an Outfit Contest using Polyvore.com to create outfits similar to those in our Fashion Story:




These players won the Guess the Recipe Contest by identifying a few ingredients from an item in our Bakery Story:




21 May

Anonymous said: can i transfer Fashion story from old kindle fire to new kindle fire

Yes you can! Just email support@teamlava.com and they can help you out with a transfer.

18 May

Now Introducing Dragon Story!

Guess what? TeamLava has just released another exciting game! We are thrilled to announce our latest game, Dragon Story!

A new adventure awaits you in Dragon Story, which is available in the App Store for iOS devices. Hatch, raise, and breed dragons of all colors on magical islands! Raise your dragons from babies to epic adults and breed them to discover rare dragons!

Download the game and show off your rare dragons to your friends! Be sure to “Like” Dragon Story on Facebook and let us know what you think!