5 Jun

June Summer Hide & Seek Contest

It’s a great time of year to be on this half of the planet! The summer solstice is fast approaching, and Venus is making its way across the Sun! Summer only happens once a year, duh, so lets start off the fun right like this guy!

TeamLava is getting ready for summer with our Hide & Seek Contest that will run through the month of June! To enter the contest, and have a chance to win free Gems, City Cash, Club Cash or Gold, visit our Events and Contest section of our forums HERE.

While you’re there, be sure to check out and congratulate the winners of our last awesome contest, where TeamLava players created their own Items to be added to Restaurant Story and Bakery Story! Here are the winners below!

1st Place - Sehana - Peach Table & Chair

1st Place - BabooCity - Gift Shop Area

Thanks everyone for participating, and for the awesome item suggestions! Be sure to look for these items later this year when they show up in-game!

4 Jun

Anonymous said: hello! i was wondering if i could still be able to download the 2012 valentines app for BS? I heard people talking about it and how they got the truffle chair. but when i search for the app, it doesnt show anything? is there any way i can get it?

Unfortunately, our holiday apps don’t stay around forever. After the holiday is over, the app is removed from the App Store, and the items are no longer available for purchase.

However, it’s possible these items will be brought back again someday… be sure to tell us which items you’d like to see returned in our forums, at forums.teamlava.com!

1 Jun

Feedback Friday - Gifts Galore!

Today is Feedback Friday! All of the TeamLava games encourage you to gift items to your friends, but also receive gifts in return. The gifts are free to send and will provide you with in-game benefits. In order to send and receive gifts, you must first invite your friend and add them as a neighbor!

Which gifts have you recently been sending the most to your friends? Which gifts have you been requesting the most lately from them? Let us know by leaving a comment in the Facebook pages and the TeamLava forums!

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31 May

Weekly Content Update Recap - 5/31/12

Hello again, TeamLava fans! We’ve been to so many places and have seen so many things… but the journey isn’t over yet! Let’s push forward and see what new friends, items, and places you’ll find as we take our layover in your favorite games, with no reservations!

Bring the Mediterranean to your Farm Story! Grow crops of Red Gladiolus and Wild Thyme in a field of glorious Loquat Trees. Build a Mediterranean House and Mediterranean Mill to add a beautiful, rustic feel while Fennec Foxes chase Scorpions around your farm (watch out for their stingers!). And for those who want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the Red Rocking Chair and Fishing Pond will put you at ease in no time.

In Restaurant Story, East meets West with Modern Asian Fusion! Place an Asian Fusion Food Cart to make its rounds and treat your guests to 4 new delicious recipes: the Banh Mi Burger, Yakisoba Dog, BBQ Short Rib Tacos, and Tataki de Canard. Add some much needed warmth and beauty to your eatery with Stacked Wood Wallpaper and Modern Asian Chairs. Even more exotic decorations are available - adorn your walls with the Yin-Yang Clock and Thai Elephant Graphic, and whisk your guests away to the Orient with the Modern Asian Lamp, Chinese Lantern Plant, and Asian Sofa!

Turn your Bakery Story into a hip and cool New York City Urban Coffee Shop! Cover your bakery with an Exposed Brick and Subway Tile wallpapers and Broadway Billboards to remind your customers why the Big Apple is the greatest city in the world. Let everyone know about the day’s menu with the Drink Display and show off your wares with the Coffee Mug Shelf! And of course your guests will need energy to get in an “Empire State of Mind” - an Espresso Machine is the perfect thing to help! Serve up some Subway Cupcakes with an Empire State Espresso, Brooklyn Bridge Espresso, and Statue of Liberty Espresso to get them to where they’re going!

In City Story, Las Vegas is the place to be! Book your flight and escape to your Weekend Getaway, or lounge and relax in a Vintage Garden House. Also, keep your city cool under the shade of the Tree of Life!

Ay, papi y mami - Miami style is taking over Nightclub Story! Build up some buzz and keep the VIP line organized with the Velvet Rope and Blue Divider. Shake things up with the Miami Mixer and serve Raspberry Sin drinks to keep the party going. Get your guests to the dance floor with mesmerizing Redburn and Miami Blue dancefloors! Bienvenido a Miami!

For Fashion Story, every week is Fashion Week when you’re in New York! Beautify your chic boutique with Purple Lilacs and NYC Posters, while you show off the latest fashions with an NYC Runway! Dress yourself (and your customers) in the hottest couture with the Black Frail Top, Floral Print Pant, and Classic Black Stiletto (and don’t forget to accessorize with a Gold Necklace)! And to showcase these gorgeous pieces, you’ll need gorgeous displays - the Tree Counter and Thin Tree Counter will show them all off nicely!

Pet Shop Story has been invaded by cute and cuddly kitties! The Sphynx, Bombay, Arctic Curl and Turkish Angora are all ready to play in your shop and go home with your customers! And don’t forget a Teeth Cleaner to keep your pet’s choppers clean and healthy!

More beautiful and unique animals are here in Zoo Story 2! Your visitors can’t wait to see the majestic Andalusian, exotic Horned Frog, and adorable Spotted Bat in your Zoo. Also, don’t forget to add an Info Center to greet and assist your guests!

30 May

Dragon Story - Breeding Guide!

We know a lot of players are enjoying Dragon Story, since we have received many questions asking how to obtain the rare crossbreeds. This guide will show you which types of dragons you need to breed in order to obtain the common and rare dragons that are currently available. It may take you several tries before you receive a rare dragon; they are special and hard to obtain.

We don’t want to spoil everything, so we’ll let you work together with the community and figure out which dragon types you need to obtain the Diamond Dragon. Keep breeding dragons and show off your dragons in the Dragon Story forums when you finally obtain and hatch that ultra rare Diamond Dragon!