26 Mar

Anonymous said: When you miss a goal, do you miss it forever? :( cause I missed out on yule log, mazipan and candy canes and the lava cake ;(

Unfortunately, many of our Goals are seasonal, and they’ll be removed after a certain amount of time. If you don’t complete the Goal in the time specified, you miss out on a chance to get these exclusive Goal items.

You can find more info about the Goals at forums.teamlava.com

23 Mar

Feedback Friday!

Today is Feedback Friday! This is the last call for feedback and suggestions before we organize and discuss them over with the team so they know what they players want.

Last week, we received a lot of suggestions for awesome themes the players would like to see in their favorite games. We received so much feedback, that we need your help narrowing down your favorite themes. We have polls up for many of the games on Facebook to vote for your favorite themes, but if you have an idea that’s not listed, feel free to leave your suggestion in the Feedback Forums.

22 Mar

Weekly Content Update Recap - 3/22/12

It looks like many of you are eager for the new items after catching a glimpse of the teasers this week! If the teasers got you excited, then you will love the rest of the new content. There’s basically a different theme of items for each game this week, so let’s just dig right in and show you what you can expect to see.

You will be able to bring the open frontier to your Farm this week. You can expect to find the new Frontier Chest, which contains a bunch of nifty items, such as a Buffalo, Sheriff’s Office, and a River Sawmill! You can now plant White Peach Trees to give all that open space a little bit of green. You will definitely want to build the new School House, but you’ll need to ask your friends for Green Wood and Red Roof Shingles before you can open it up to the kids. The best item of all would be the Saloon. There’s always something crazy and exciting happening in there every day, so be sure to grab it before it’s gone!

If you love sci-fi mixed with a little bit of fantasy, you will definitely want to check out the new Steampunk items in Restaurant Story. The best place to start would be the new Steampunk Chest. There are a lot awesome items that will make your place stand out, such as the Steampunk Couch, Steampunk Dog, and even a Time Machine!! You can build your very own Steampunk Arcade, but it’s a complex machine, so you’ll need a bit of help from your friends before you can play with it. Try asking them for Gold Springs to complete the Steampunk Arcade. If you really want to draw attention to your restaurant, the Steampunk Statue should do just the trick.

You will be overwhelmed by all of the adorable items coming out for Bakery Story this week. Get ready to experience the best fairy tale ever by opening up the new Fairy Tale Box! Everything in this magical box is a must-have. Do you want your very own Frog Prince? Now you can! Or you can get Red Riding Hood, Baking Wizard, or a Fairy Grotto. Any of these new items would be a joy to have your in your bakery. Everyone needs to have a Magic Mirror, so you always know who’s the fairest of them all. Add some life by adding Bremen Musicians … if they’re willing to make an appearance for you. One thing you will probably find in everyone’s bakery will be the new Mermaid Statue. Be the first to complete it by asking your friends for Red Potions right now!

There’s something missing in your City, but you just can’t put a finger on it, right? How about a spectacular world wonder in your very own city? Now it’s possible with the new World Wonder Chest! We don’t want to spoil the new items, so all we can say is expect at least a Leaning Tower of Pisa, Stonehenge, and a Roman Colosseum from the box. There are many more wonders to find, so check out the World Wonder Chest when you get a chance. The Ancient Chinese House might be old, but it’s still going strong, so pick up this piece of history before it’s gone!

It’s time to bust a groove and check out the new items in Nightclub Story! There are 2 new wallpaper available, Male Silhouette and Female Silhouette. They will definitely add an extra beat to your hip club. There are also 2 more items to check out, the Groove Bar and Groove Divider. Get them for your nightclub so the party never stops!

Fairy tales are just too awesome to experience just once, so expect to see some magic in Fashion Story. The new Fairy Tale Chest will make your wishes come true. It may grant you a Princess Harp, Castle Changing Room, or possibly a Fairy Fountain! The Antique Lantern and Chandelier Sconce are definitely worth a look if you want to add a light of magic to your boutique. The Fairy Statue is absolutely gorgeous, so pick one up for your boutique before the magic goes away.

New pets just keep pouring in for Pet Shop Story. You can expect to see 3 new pets this week. The trusty Husky will be nothing but your best friend. The Lhasa Apso looks like he needs a haircut, but don’t worry, that’s exactly how he likes his hair. The Lion Fish might look dangerous, but don’t let her looks fool you. She’s pretty much smiling all the time if you remember to take care of her. If you need to entertain the rest of the pets in your shop, you will want the new Toy Bin to keep them occupied.

New animals will be available in Zoo Story 2, so grab them fast before they’re all taken! No, that’s not a toy ball, it’s just a sleepy Pangolin all curled up. It’s actually surprising how he can still be asleep, especially with the Howler Monkey making so much noise. You might be able to get a Fossa for your zoo, but you need to build it a proper home first. To get a head start, you should start asking your friends for Orange Exhibit Boards.

Zoo Story 2 is now on Android!

We are very excited to announce that Zoo Story 2, the best Zoo & Pets game on for iPhone, iPad and iPod, is now available for Android devices!

In Zoo Story 2, you can raise entire families of animals in your very own zoo! Over a hundred species of animals can live in your zoo, and you can discover even more animals by cross-breeding species! Have a Lion and a Tiger? You can make a Liger! Put an Elephant and a Polar Bear together, you get a Mammoth! We don’t want to give all of these away, so you’ll have to discover more for yourself!

To give your animals the very best treatment, you can upgrade their habitats! This makes your Zoo more money, so you can buy MORE animals! You can also complete Goals to unlock more species and items!

If you need help raising all of these animals, don’t worry - your friends are there to help you out! Add them with their Storm8 ID in-game, or invite your friends from Facebook!

Even if you’ve done everything - all the Goals, got all the animals, built all the attractions, upgraded all the habitats - there’s more animals and other content added EVERY WEEK! And best of all, you can play for free! That’s why this is the #1 game on iPhone, iPad, and iPod…. and now, on Android!

20 Mar

Where’s ‘Waldo’ March Contest Update

March is now more than half way over, and we’ve completed 9 ‘Where’s Waldo’ contests in the TeamLava forums! The hero of our contest, the Farm Story Leprechaun gnome, has done an excellent job so far at staying away from the prying eyes of our clever community members. For the remainder of the ‘Waldo’ contests this month, we will be giving the Gnome Leprechaun a break, and introducing some brand new characters! For example, let’s see if Red Riding Hood (coming to Bakery Story) can do a good job hiding while decked out in red!

So, if any of you think you have an Eagle Eye, and you could use some FREE Gems, City Cash, or Club Cash, you should play! These contests are being run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3:00PM PDT, ending on March 30th. You can find the postings for our events and contests HERE.

You might want to ask advice from some of our last week’s winners: