10 May

Weekly Content Update Recap - 5/10/12

This Sunday, we celebrate Mother’s Day, where we take time to appreciate and recognize all the things our mothers do for us. Here at TeamLava, we love our moms and have released awesome new content to make them proud!

For those who love java, decorate your Bakery with items that scream “Caffeine!” The new Coffee Bean Display will show off your delicious coffee blends while our new Coffee Sign says “come and get it!” Add a touch of sophistication to your Bakery with the new Elegant Tables, Elegant Counters, and Elegant Chairs. But nothing speaks sophistication better than the Diamond Print wallpaper. Mother’s Day Flowers and Flower Balloons will make your customers smile, while the Lemon Muffins will make them longing for more.

In Farm Story, plant some Red Carnations using our new Florid Watering Can to shower your Farm with a fresh floral feel. Add the new Weekend Getaway and the special Mom’s Garden and you will have created a Mother’s Day paradise!

Over in Pet Shop Story, who’s that kitty sitting pretty in the middle of the store? That is the new Ragdoll cat which looks like it wants to give new meaning to word “Catwalk.” Also looking to take their place in the litter box is the Selkirk Rex. Chinchillas will also make their debut in the Pet Shop. On the other side of the room are our new Building Blocks which already looks to be popular with the remaining kittens and will be popular with yours too!

This week in Restaurant Story, we have items that are both classic and modern for all types of mothers. Give your customers an old school feel with the new Red or White Carnation Vases and the Stacked Wood Divider. For those moms who appreciate a more mechanized motif, dazzle them with our new Boutique Dispenser. A more tropical and exotic theme could also be added with the new Banana Leaf Book Rack, Bamboo Wallpaper, and Modern Asian Column. Throw in the Maguro Mango Salad for a tropical treat. The Modern Floral Display can give your Restaurant a more contemporary look and for the animal lovers out there, give your customers the choice between our adorable Mother’s Day Bear or surprise them with a Crane. The choice is yours!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you will turn your attention to the left side the Zoo, you will see a pair of Beavers ever so cutely doing that thing that Beavers do. But on the other side, you will see a family of smiling frogs (they have mothers too). But don’t let those smiles fool you. Poisonous Dart Frogs have a strict “look but don’t touch” policy, regardless of how happy they appear. Also adding scenery to the park is the addition of the new Acacia Tree. As summer comes along, we need all the shade we could get! Keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle as you will also see the Leopard Seal in the game this week.

This week, it’s time to add a slice of the Big Apple to your City! That’s right, we’re bringing the Big Apple to you for Mother’s Day and letting you create your own personal “City That Never Sleeps.” Put up some of your very own NYC Apartments in the style of the classic East Coast brownstones or give your citizens Loft Houses and a Grand Apartment for a more high class feel. You can even go all out with the new Tribeca Penthouse overlooking historic Central Park and Grand Central!

If a Mother’s Day jaunt to New York City is not your thing, then head over to Nightclub Story and enjoy the style and swagger of Miami! The new Blue Flame Counter and Miami Nights wall painting set the mood for the party while our new White Table and Chairs give your partygoers a place to rest if the need to catch a breather. Your patrons can also refresh themselves with the New Miami Breeze drink!

In Fashion Story, we want to give your customers plenty of options to make their mothers feel stylish. Check out our new releases including Crochet Skirts and Suede Vests for both the sales floor and your Closet, which can be accessorized with the Knotted Necklace. The new Red Boots complete the ensemble. But clothing isn’t the only thing getting an update. The Modern Lamp will make sure that your customers can see how amazing they look and the Modern Counter will give a stylish place to put your inventory or the Black Vase and the Modern Thin Counter are available for more space. The Wall Bookshelf can give your Boutique a erudite vibe while the Two Tone wallpaper keeps it trendy.

TeamLava wants to wish all moms in this world a Happy Mother’s Day and
we will see you next week with brand new items! See you then!

8 May

Re-Create an Outfit from Fashion Story!

TeamLava players have always impressed us with their creativity. Whenever we hold events on the forums, our players always bring their A-Game with excellently crafted art or stories. However, for this week’s event, we want to see how well you can re-create our creativity with real-life outfits!

In this contest, players can re-create any Collection from the Catalog in Fashion Story using the Polyvore website

Here’s one example from the website:

Example via polyvore.com from user helena99. You can see examples of other collections at: http://www.polyvore.com/

After you have re-created one of the outfits from TeamLava, save and take a screenshot of your collection, then post it in our forums in this thread: http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?28362-Create-An-Outfit!&p=303197#post303197

7 May

Anonymous said: I'm playing restaurant story on my Kindle. I have a problem with the gifts tab(section). It will not show any supplies such as screws paint....but it will only show food

This is true for both the Android and Amazon versions of the apps. You can check the current balance of your Parts by seeing the Constructable menu when you “Tap to Manage” the item in progress.

3 May

Weekly Content Update Recap - 5/3/12

What’s that peaking out of the clouds? Why, it’s the Sun! That’s right — Summer is upon us at last (except for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere), and it’s time to celebrate! We’ve got plenty of season appropriate items coming out in all of your favorite TeamLava games this week!

Summer’s come to Farm Story, and even the super-speedy hedgehogs have decided to lounge out in the sun! New plants are also flourishing in the weather, like the Casablanca Lily and the Jackfruit Tree! You don’t want to step on these plants when crossing your farm, so be sure to put down some Stepping Stones as well!

In Restaurant Story, the times are changing along with the seasons! Your customers are enjoying a Space Odyssey of sorts as they check out all of these futuristic decorations! The Ruby Counter, Sleek Couch and Sleek Speakers will add a highly polished and classy look to your restaurant. Very cool - but the real exciting stuff is the new technology! Your customers will feel like time-travelers when they first meet the Holographic Greeter, or sit next to the Futuristic Fireplace, or select their food from the Touch Screen Menu. Maybe they’ll catch some shows on the TV of Tomorrow!

The windows in Bakery Story must get a lot of light… just see how blue that sky is outside the Flowering Windows! Everything in your Bakeries this week is bright and alive! The Beehives, Lemon Trees, Hummingbirds at their feeders… even the bookcase is alive! Don’t be fooled, though - the Black Forest Cake isn’t made out of trees. But your customers will love it all the same!

The Sun is also shining bright over City Story, and the buildings in your City are encased in reflection perfection! Just look how the light bounces off the Diamond Tower, the Lake Hotel and the Wall Fountain! It’s also great for the plants in your city, so it’s a perfect time to grow an orchard of Poincinia trees!

Summer nights can be just as hot as Summer days, so be sure your customers can cool off in Nightclub Story! Build the ultra-cool Arabian Fountain to act as a decorative centerpiece (and maybe a place to take a quick dip)! They can also enjoy the new Desert Dessert!

Since the weather’s getting nice, we’re also adding more great collections featuring sundresses in Fashion Story! Check out the new Spring Chill catalog, complete with the Stellar Dress! Whether you’re going for a rural or urban Summer feel in your boutique, we’ve got you covered! The Cityscape Dressing Room and the Garden Mirror were both released this week, giving you options for variety.

During summer, people love heading to the beach… but this time, the beach is heading to Zoo Story 2! The Coconut Crab and River Otter have both taken up residence in your Zoo! There’s also a fun new Attraction to bring in more fans: the Gyro Tower! The view from the top is so nice, the Alpacas moved here just so they could wait in line!

Speaking of aquatic animals, the Cardinalfish is now in your Pet Shop! That exotic fish is bound to bring in more visitors… but not as much as they Cairn Terrier or Shih Tzu! People love to watch them train with the new Agility Hoop!

That’s all the new content for this week! Be sure to check back again next Thursday for even more FREE items for all your favorite TeamLava games!

1 May

Story Telling Contest!

Listening to stories around a campfire is something you may have done with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, friends and family. But this time you will open the ears in your eyes and read the short stories from this week’s forum contest from your fellow TeamLava community members. Enter for your chance to win Gems, City Cash, or Club Cash!

Follow the girl in the striped shirt below through her journey at the Pet Shop! Who knows what she’s thinking… only you can decide! The contest post can be found in the Events and Contests section of our forums.