20 Apr

Feedback Friday!

Today is Feedback Friday! This is the last call for feedback and suggestions before we organize and discuss them over with the team so they know what the players want.

Last week, you told us that you prefer to Gems/CCash as prizes more than anything else. More than early release items. More than LTI items. Even more than items from the random boxes.

We have hosted many different types of contests and events so far, but we would like which ones you like the best! Let us know your preference by voting in our recent poll on the TeamLava Facebook page.

19 Apr

Weekly Content Update Recap - 4/19/12

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week with just the right amount of sunshine that will make you want to lay down and bask in the warmth of the sun. But there’s no time to rest, because we have a lot of new content being released this week and you are probably waiting to find out what they are!

There are so many new adorable items in Farm Story that you will want to display and show off to your friends. There is a new Spring Garden Chest where you will be able to find the Flower Windmill and Water Lily Pond that were showcased in the teasers. In addition to these awesome items, you will also be able to get a Sunflower Scarecrow, Puppy Gift, and Lotus Fountain! If you already have too many decorations on your Farm and you just want new items to plant and harvest, then we have 3 new items in store for you. You can now plant Hickory Nut Trees, Pink Peonies, and Red Chrysanthemums! With so many wonderful decorations on your Farm, you have a good chance of spotting the Sundress Puppy, she just can’t resist beautiful Farms!

It’s back to the future again in Restaurant Story! It’s all about the sleek decorations this week. You will be find many unique decorations from the Futuristic Box, such as the Robot Chef, Hover Couch, and Digital Solar System! But there are also several decoration items available that are not found in the Futuristic Box. The Sleek Wall Lamp and Futuristic Display will enhance the futuristic setting you have created. If you need to organize your Restaurant and tidy it up, then you will want the new Futuristic Dividers. There is a Robot Waiter that will take menu orders from your customers, but only a small number of models were ever built, making it difficult to get one with such a high demand!

We are really changing things up in Bakery Story! We are bringing all of the fun you usually find outside, inside! The new decoration items found within the Spring Gift are definitely worth checking out! The Spring Gift contains a lot of interesting items, such as a Butterfly Statue, Miniature Golf Course, and Forest Band! We are not done yet! Bring the perfect weather into your Bakery with the new wall decorations, Swirled Sun and Whirled Cloud. Let your customers gracefully walk on flowers by redesigning your store with Daisy floor tiles. If you really want to experience nature at its greatest, the Stone Spring will make a wonderful addition to your Bakery!

Have you ever had a hard time deciding what to eat because you have so many options to choose from? Well, the new items in City Story will bring the same indecisiveness to your Citizens! Increase their dining options by adding a Greek, Indian, and Thai Restaurant! If your Citizens don’t have any cash to order food, help them out with a few Drive-thru ATMs. Once they are all done enjoying their delicious meals, they will need to burn off those calories. A new Yoga Studio will definitely be a good choice for some healthy exercise. If you rather just soak in the sun and take a break from everything, you should take a nice relaxing nap in the Hammock you just placed next to the newly planted Purple Willows!

It is time to host the ultimate Arabian party in Nightclub Story. You can use the amazing decoration items from the new Genie Lamp to help you. You will be able to find many must-have items, such as the Magic Carpet, Lion’s Head, and Miniature Palace! When you are entertaining your friends, you can serve them drinks on new Stone Counters!

You can expect to find many wonderful decoration items in Fashion Story this week! If your walls are a bit plain, then you should check out the new wall decorations, such as the Guitar, Golden Gate, Peace, and Deco Clock! If you need eye candy for your empty floor space, then the new decorations might just be what you need in your boutique. Be sure to take a look at the White Rose Chair, Incense Display, Umbrella Stand, and Hip Divider! There are several new items that will enhance the appeal of your inventory, such as the Floral Swirl counters, Checked floor tiles, and Phone Booth changing rooms. If you are lucky, you might receive a visit from a swarm of butterflies in the Butterfly Display!

You are going to love the new content for Pet Shop Story if you adore dogs! 3 new animals are making their way to your Pet Shops this week. For the dog lovers, you will be happy to see the Shiba Inu and Greyhound. The Greyhound will require a special habitat, so ask your friends for Dog Bowls and Chew Toys so you can build him a proper home. There is also the Corn Snake, for those that want to add interesting pets. Cat fans shouldn’t feel left out. There is a new cat crossbreed, the Kinkalow, so show her a lot of love when you try to breed one for your shop. There are also 2 new items you will want to check out, the Round Fish Tank and Dog Toybox. Your pets need to have fun every now and then, so get some toys and watch how happy they get during playtime!

3 new animals will be making a special appearance in Zoo Story 2 this week! They are very rare, so you will definitely want them in your Zoo. You can have your very own Tundra Reindeer, only if you build it a proper habitat with Green Feed and Grass. The Kakapo would love to call your Zoo its home and the Kiwi is a new crossbreed you will be able to breed. If you already have enough animals, then you can also get a Balloon Station or place Elephant Topiaries all over your Zoo!

17 Apr

Decipher the Anagram Contest

For this week’s event we have decided to pick your brains with an Anagram Contest! If you like to play with words, this is the contest for you! Here is an example:

Take these letters and rearrange them till you have the word that you think it spells (*the correct answer is below):


If you like a chance to win Gems, City Cash, or Club Cash than this contest is for you!

Visit our Events and Contest page in our forums and our TeamLava Facebook at 3:00 PM PDT to enter the contest!

*Answer = TeamLava

16 Apr

Anonymous said: How do you get neighbors storm8id in pet shop story?

To get a neighbor’s Storm8 ID in any of our games, you just need to ask! Leave a comment on their wall, saying you’d like to be neighbors. Or, you can give them your Storm8 ID, and they can invite you instead!

To set up a Storm8 ID, go into the Menu, then tap Social > Invite Friends.

13 Apr

Feedback Friday!

Today is Feedback Friday! This is the last call for feedback and suggestions before we organize and discuss them over with the team so they know what the players want.

We tend to host a lot of contests and events because we love to give away Gems, CCash, and items to the players that enjoy playing our games. Our contests and events are hosted on a variety of channels, such as the forums, Facebook, and Twitter! You can always see the current and upcoming events by viewing the Event Schedule.

What kind of prizes do you prefer to win from our contests and events? Let us know your prize preference by voting in our Facebook polls! 

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