10 Apr

Zoo Story 2 on the Kindle Fire!

We are thrilled to announce that Zoo Story 2 is available in the Amazon Appstore for Android!

If you have a Kindle Fire tablet, you have to play this game and experiencing the spectacular gameplay. You can also play Zoo Story 2 on any Android device if you have the Amazon Appstore for Android on your device!

Zoo Story 2 joins a collection of popular games already available, such as Pet Shop Story, Bakery Story, Restaurant Story, Fashion Story, and Farm Story! All of our games are free to play, so check them out today!

6 Apr

Feedback Friday!

Today is Feedback Friday! This is the last call for feedback and suggestions before we organize and discuss them over with the team so they know what the players want.

We received a lot of creative themes from the community and narrowed down your favorites in a recent poll. We have obtained the top themes from each game and would like to know what kind of items you would like to see for them. We will gather your information and ideas and discuss them with the team and do our best to try and bring them to life. Please let us know what items you can think of by leaving your suggestions on the Facebook pages or in the Feedback Forums!

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5 Apr

Weekly Content Update Recap - 4/5/12

The weather is simply amazing with clear skies and the warm sun, Spring is definitely in full effect. There are lots of Spring items that be will made available this week, so get ready for a stampede of bunnies, baby chicks, and eggs!

If you want to host exciting Spring activities in Farm Story, the new items will be perfect for you. You will be able to get a Flower Cottage and Flower Gazebo, the perfect places to hold a scavenger hunt. If you prefer to have an egg hunt, then you will want the Magic Egg Farm and the Egg Artist to add some color to the eggs. But with so many eggs to hide, you are going to need some help. The Chocolate Bunny will be able to lend you a hand, but if you are really lucky, the Giant Bunny might offer to help you out!

All of the new items in Restaurant Story are cute and lively with color. It is going to be tough to pick which items to get first! The new Egg Tables and Chairs have just the right shade of colors that will complement any decor you currently have. The Pink Bunny Waiter and Spring Chick are just too cute to pass up, while the Bunny Clock and Basket of Eggs will add a hint of Spring sparkle to your restaurant. If you plan on building the new Egg Stove, you will need to ask for your friends for help to send you Painted Eggs and Bunny Ears. Once your Egg Stove is up and running, you will be able to cook 3 new recipes: Colored Eggs, Bunny Biscuits, and Egg Bread! Be careful which eggs you use to cook those recipes though, you don’t want to use any from the rare Basket of Eggs.

There are sweet new items in Bakery Story this week! The Candy Hatchery appliance can be built to access new recipes, but you will need to request Painted Eggs and Bunny Ears from your friends first. When your Candy Hatchery is up and running, you will want to check out the 4 new recipes: Marshmallow Chicks, Chocolate Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies, and Sheepish Cupcakes! If you are looking for items to liven up your bakery, the new Egg Timer, Bunny Nest, and Basket of Eggs might be exactly what you are looking for. You can’t have too many eggs during this season, so go crazy with Painted Egg Wallpaper. If you want your Bakery to stand out from everyone else’s, you will want to get a Water Garden. A Water Garden inside a Bakery? Yeah, your bakery will definitely stand out.

There is no escaping the wave of bunnies and eggs, not even in City Story. You are going to need an Egg Shop to stock up on eggs if you plan on holding an Egg Hunt. Or if you prefer to gaze at bunnies with their long cute ears all day long, you should get the Bunny Park. Be careful though, because they are absolutely too cute and you may have the urge to take one home with you. If you do, you will need the Bunny’s House, which will need Painted Eggs and Bunny Ears.

The only game that seems unaffected by Spring is Nightclub Story. It’s a good thing too, because cutesy Spring items don’t seem like a good fit for a club. Turn your club into an Arabian Party with Palace Wallpaper and the Arabian DJ Set. There is also a new drink, Red Pomegranate, so don’t forget to check that out too!

Spring has made its way to Fashion Story with new cute and hip items. The new Spring Lavender catalog is now available. You will want to start ordering these clothes so you can sell the latest Spring fashion in your boutique. Matching avatar items are also available, so check out the Lavender Dress, Pink Heels, Straw Tote, and Gemstone Necklace. The new clothing items will definitely look better if you hang them on Butterfly racks. The colors from the Modern Flower wallpaper will help brighten up the store. Lines will be forming around the corner for these hot new items, so grab a Magazine Rack to keep the customers busy while they wait. If magazines won’t do the trick, then you need to go all out and get the Water Wall to add a wave of calm to your boutique!

The animals come out to play when the weather is perfect, so expect a bunch of new pets in Pet Shop Story! These pets are already cute as they are, but they just get more adorable when they start wearing bunny ears! Once you see them, you will want to have them. If you get them, so will everyone else, so expect a barrage of Bunny Birman, Bunny Ear Bengal, Bunny Lab, Bunny Westie, Bunny Pomeranian, and Spring Turtle in every shop this week! In case you are wondering, the turtle does wear bunny ears. You can also crossbreed a Chocolate Bunny, so try and be the first one to have them. But your shop can’t be filled with just animals, you also need to have decorations as well. The new decorations you will want to take a look at are Basket of Eggs, Bunny Pillows, Rabbit Section Sign, and Bunny Playpen! The Bunny Pillows are not your typical run-of-the-mill pillows. They are specialized in comfort just for bunnies, so you will need to acquire Bunny Ears and Painted Eggs before you can have them in your shop.

Oh no, the bunnies are taking over Zoo Story 2! The White-Tailed Jackrabbit and Spring Bunny are everywhere! Make sure the Spring Bunny doesn’t cause too much trouble by building him a habitat with Bunny Ears and Painted Eggs. Keep these energetic bunnies entertained with a Bunny House and Egg Basket! If that’s not enough to keep them distracted, then let them play around with the Bunny Topiary and Bunny Coaster! They will definitely be tired out from having too much fun!

3 Apr

Egg Decoration Contest

What’s more fun than eating chocolate bunnies or searching for colorful eggs? Ill tell you: using that beautiful mind of yours to colorize and design those fascinating and amazing eggs for a chance to win Gems, City Cash, or Club Cash!

To celebrate this recent Vernal Equinox, or to get into the Spring / Easter spirit, we are putting on a Color and Design Your Own Egg Contest that will run for 1 week, starting today. During this time, you can create your amazing entrees. You can find the post and more information about the contest here in our forums.

Good luck! Hope your designs are eggs-cellent!

30 Mar

Feedback Friday!

Today is Feedback Friday! This is the last call for feedback and suggestions before we organize and discuss them over with the team so they know what the players want.

We would like to know which rare items (Limited Time Items) you would like to see as contest prizes. We have listed several rare items for each game in a Facebook poll, so visit our game pages and vote for your favorite item! If you have any other suggestions or feedback, you are welcome to share them with us in the Feedback Forums.

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