27 Apr

Feedback Friday!

Today is Feedback Friday! This is the last call for feedback and suggestions before we organize and discuss them over with the team so they know what the players want.

We love to make fun, exciting games that everyone can play and enjoy. We have released many different type of games so far and we would like to know which one is your favorite TeamLava game! Vote for your favorite game in our Facebook Poll and leave a comment telling us why its your favorite game.

26 Apr

Weekly Content Update Recap - 4/26/12

We hope everyone is warm and dry, safely away from the drenching April Showers. We have a lot of new content this week to keep you busy during the wet weather. Let’s dive right in and take a peek at the new items you can expect to see in your favorite games this week!

In Farm Story, rain might not actually be a bad thing. It will definitely help your crops and trees grow, especially if you plan on planting the new Sargent Cherry Trees and Yellow Azaleas. Some animals don’t mind the rain at all. The Raincoat Puppy is fully prepared for the rainy season, so he will not mind getting a little wet. What happens if your crops get too much rain? You might just wind up with overgrown fruits that you can use for different purposes, like the Red Apple House!

It’s back to the future in Restaurant Story! You can expect to see a bunch of new hi-tech items that you will definitely want to add to your restaurant in space. You might have a few futuristic decorations, but that’s not enough. To complete the futuristic theme, you will want to update your setting with Futuristic Tables and Chairs, Digital wallpaper, and Glow floor tiles. If you’re going to have a restaurant in space, you will probably want to serve food that’s out of this world. It’s a good thing you can build your own Food Replicator and start serving Star Pizza, Sun Cake, and Atomic Cookies! Still need more decorations? If so, the new decorations might be what you have been looking for, such as the Futuristic Clock, Futuristic Display II, Snack Machine, and Modern Plants. If you’re lucky, you can add a Teleport Station and beam your customers directly to and from your restaurant!

It’s hard to admire nature when it’s raining outside, so bring nature inside your Bakery! If you don’t like vines all over your walls, hang up a few Vertical Gardens and Leaf Clocks. Can’t get rid of those weeds fast enough? Cover them up with decorations, such as a Cherry Tree, Terrarium, Tulips, and Umbrella Stand! Be sure to leave room for new furnishings in your bakery. You will definitely want to add the new White Stone tiles, Forest Counters, and Forest Tables and Chairs. Your customers will absolutely be one with nature in this awesome atmosphere you created for them! They will appreciate what you have done for them, especially when they get to enjoy your new Berry Rhubarb Pie recipe. If you’re looking for a prizewinner decoration, you might just be able to whip up a Garden Cake!

City Story is being invaded this week by monsters and aliens! You will want to check out the new Monster Attack mystery box and see which monsters will make an appearance in your city! You might run into an Evil Robot, Giant Spiders, or Zombie Breakout! There are definitely many more adventures to find from the Monster Attack box. If your city has been complete overrun by monsters, Stormy may make appear to save the day in Stormy Fights Back!

Your wishes in Nightclub Story will come true this week with new Arabian items. Try rubbing the Arabian Lamp, maybe a genie will appear to grant your wishes. Add the new Arabian Night Bar and serve the new Mirage drink. Complete the look for your club and add an Arabian Lounge for your clubbers to mingle!

Fashion Story is getting a huge wave of new items this week! To start things off, you can find many new items from the Spring Chest. Make your friends jealous when you get awesome new items from the box, like a Vespa, Jeweled Silk Scarf, and Spring Display! Don’t worry, there are many other items that will make your friends envy your boutique. Add a hint of Spring by changing your look with new Sun floor tiles, Sunflower racks, and Sunflowers! Keep up with the latest fashion trend with the new Keep It Casual catalog. It does come with matching avatar items, so don’t forget to check out the Peace Tank, Teal Jeans, Jade Necklace, and Checkered Kicks! One display sounds pretty cool, but what about two? If you’re lucky, you might be able to add a Rainboot Display, perfect for those venturing out into the rain!

It’s always nice to have more pets in Pet Shop Story! This week, you can expect to find an Old English Sheepdog and Devon Rex. The Devon Rex won’t be happy until you build it a special habitat with Gloves and Astro Turf. You can also crossbreed a Dorgi! Expect to see one in every shop, because they are so adorable!

Zoo Story 2 will definitely be getting new animals this week. Say hello to the Aardvark and Hoopoe. The Hoopoe’s habitat can be build using Grass and Hammers. He will definitely make a nice addition to your zoo once you build him a proper habitat. Last, but not least, you now have access to a new crossbreed, the Sitatunga!

24 Apr

Find the Knight!

So you think you have the sense of a Shark and you could use some FREE Gems, City Cash, or Club Cash? Then this contest is for you! Today’s contest will test your retina, contacts and/or bifocals.

The Find the Knight contest will begin at 5:00PM PDT. You can find the posting for the event and other contests HERE.
23 Apr

Now Introducing Pet Hotel Story!

We are very excited to announce our latest game, Pet Hotel Story!

This newly released game is available in the App Store for iOS (Apple) devices. Build the ultimate vacation destination for the world’s cutest pets!

Be sure to “Like” Pet Hotel Story on Facebook and let us know what you think!

Anonymous said: Why I don't have the new futuristic box and some of the new update of Restaurant Story on my iPhone?

New content usually takes a few days to roll out to everyone. If you did not receive the new content the first day, you will within a few days. You can read more information about updates in this thread!