28 Sep

How to Log Into the Forums

A lot of users have asked us how to log into the forums, or how to reset their Password. Well, here’s how!

How to Create Your ID (if you haven’t already):

Tap Menu (or Main) -> Social -> Invite Friends. There you can create your ID (pictured below).

This will be the ID you will give out to other players so they can add you as a neighbor so please make sure you choose carefully. Players who already have IDs do not need to create another one.

How to Create Your Password:

Tap Menu (or Main) -> Help/FAQ -> Scroll down to the “How to Access the Forum” section -> Open drop down menu “Create Password Here” and then input your password in the space available (pictured below).

How to Log-In to the Forums

Once you have an ID and password, go to http://forums.teamlava.com. Enter your Storm8 ID and your password into the login box in the top-right of the screen.

Now, you can start posting and participate in the TeamLava Commuinty!

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