29 Nov

Guide to Collectibles: Bakery Story

Last week, we posted a Collectibles guide for Restaurant Story. This time, we have the guide for Bakery Story! But first, here’s a quick recap of the general information for Collectibles.

Currently, the Collectible feature is only available on iOS devices, but this guide can still be helpful for Android players to prepare you for this feature. Check below the jump for more details!

What is a Collectible?

Collectibles are items that you collect for performing various actions in the game. There is a random chance for a collectible to drop while performing certain actions.

Where can I view my Collectibles?

When you receive a Collectible, it is stored until you have all of the required Collectibles to redeem the reward. You can view your current Collectibles and other information by viewing your collection from the Main Menu > Collectibles sub-menu.

What is a Collection?

There are a number of Collections available for each game. Each Collection will require you to collect 4 specific Collectibles in order to redeem the reward. Each Collectible has a different drop-rate, which means some Collectibles are harder to obtain than others.

How do Mastery Levels work?

Each time you redeem a reward, you are mastering the Collection. If you keep redeeming the rewards, you will eventually gain a Mastery Level and receive different bonuses! Each Collection has 4 Mastery Levels.

What Collections are in Bakery Story?

There are 5 different Collections for Bakery Story and each one has a different reward. We’ll going to give you some tips on how to find the different Collectibles for each Collection!


Collection: Floral Bouquet

Collectibles: Rose, Orchid, Lily, Tulip

Reward: Flower Trophy

Tip: Randomly drops when purchasing Wall Decorations or Wallpaper.


Collection: Cooking Tools

Collectibles: Ladle, Spatula, Rolling Pin, Measuring Cup

Reward: Golden Utensils

Tip: Randomly drops when purchasing any of the following items: Tables, Chairs, Decorations, Appliances, and Counters.


Collection: Chef Implements

Collectibles: Chef Hat, Apron, Oven Mitt, Chef Jacket

Reward: 30,000 Coins & 750 XP

Tip: Randomly drops while cooking ANY recipe in Bakery Story.


Collection: Baking Goodness

Collectibles: Whisk, Tong, Baking Sheet, Knife

Reward: Bread Basket

Tip: Randomly drops while cooking/mixing ANY Pie, Bread, or Tea recipes.


Collection: Yummy Ingredients

Collectibles: Flour, Egg, Sugar, Butter

Reward: 20,000 Coins & 1,000 XP

Tip: Randomly drops while cooking/mixing ANY Cake, Cookie, Coffee, Specialty, or Donut recipes.

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