20 Jan

Announcing Restaurant Story: Valentine’s Day!

What do you think of when you hear red roses, blue violets, and chocolate covered hearts? Valentine’s Day! And yes, it’s coming soon. A great man once said, “Life is like a box of content release” …at least that’s how we remember it here at TeamLava. 

Our big news for today is a new version of Restaurant Story, which is… you guessed it! Valentine’s Day edition! With the new Valentine’s Day content for Restaurant Story, you can try your luck with the Valentine Chest! Snuggle up with a Cupid Bear, fall in love with a Heart Rabbit or throw pennies into the Cupid Fountain hoping your wishes may come true. 
While you’re at it, you should grab a bite of Chocolate Hearts, Chocolate Pretzels, or a Heart-Shaped Steak. You can also share your own Candy Hearts with the new Candy Heart Stove. Serve ‘em up on a heart counter, tables, and chairs.
Enjoy these new quests and many more Valentine’s Day updates. Also check out Bakery, Fashion, and Pet Shop Story for more Valentines Day content. And we have more content updates in Farm Story, City Story and Nightclub Story!
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