23 Aug

Monster Story - Breeding Guide!

How is your journey to becoming the greatest Monster Trainer in Monster Story coming along? Need a little help breeding some of those elusive monsters? Here’s a breeding guide that contains a lot of useful information that will help you breed and collect all of the monsters! You can see which two types you will need to breed the monster, but you can also tell what monster you’re going to hatch by the egg designs.

Here’s some information for the Common monster breeds, but don’t worry, we didn’t leave out the Rare monsters! Check after the jump for breeding info on the Rare monsters.

Rare monsters are harder to obtain than Common ones. This means even though you have the right breeding combo, you may still end up with up with a Common monster, since it may take several tries to breed a rare monster. Here’s the breeding combos and egg designs for the Rare monsters. Good luck on your exciting adventure to become the greatest Monster Trainer in Monster Story!

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