31 Aug

Bakery Story: Recipe Guide!

The vast amount of different appliances in Bakery Story allow players to customize their bakeries to display the tasty treats they love to eat. With tons of appliances to choose from, it can be tough to know which recipes you should bake first. We’re here to help you with the tough decision! Our latest guide contains a lot of useful information for all of the active appliances currently available within the game. You’ll be able to see what level you need to reach to access the appliance, all of the recipes you can cook, how long each recipe will take to bake, and how many Coins and Experience you’ll get when you serve your baked goods!

Here’s the recipe information for the newest appliance, the Fruit Juicer!

Check after the jump for information on all of the other appliances!


If you need help unlocking the Classic Bread Oven, check out this post, which details all of the Goals you need to complete to unlock the appliance!

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