19 Jan

Restaurant Story: Valentine’s Day Edition!

Decorate a Restaurant for Valentine’s Day, and share with your friends! Are you ready for a ‘hearty' set of new content?

Download Restaurant Story: Valentine’s Day from the App Store!

Impress your customers with romantic decorations and tasty treats! Now with VALENTINE’S DAY themed recipes, decorations, and REWARDING storylines!

★ NEW RECIPES! Gushing Cheesecake, Heart Pizza, and Sweetheart Sweets to create the most romantic meals!

★ NEW DECORATIONS! Pink Couches, Valentine Kittens, Love Snow Globes, and more!

★ NEW STORYLINES! Earn REWARDS and RECIPES as you build the “Ultimate Romantic Eatery” and try to win a TV show contest.

Which new Valentine’s item will you be getting first? Share some of your favorite Valentine’s items with us on Facebook!

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