10 Feb

[NEW FOR ANDROID] Bakery Story: Springtime


Time to hang up those heavy coats! Winter is coming to an end and Spring is fast approaching. The flowers are getting ready to show off their beautiful colors again. Now that it’s getting warmer, everyone who has been staying in and avoiding the cold will come out to enjoy the gorgeous weather! Looks like your Bakery is about to get spring up with more business! Time to redecorate for the bright new season!

  • DESIGN your Bakery that gives a warm welcome to all of your customers!
  • DECORATE with thousands of floral items, perfect for Spring!
  • CUSTOMIZE an afternoon tea time menu!
  • NEW DECORATIONS! Porcelain Tea Set, Tea Time Display, Teapot Fountain, and more! 

Download and play Bakery Story: Springtime from Google Play!

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